My way to Christianity is a long way to life, at the cost of wealth and business, which have become a payment for coming to God. A great good and an acquisition comparable only to my family.

Unlike my enemies, tormented by passions and vices, I have found calmness, balance, spiritual unity with myself, with my wife and the world around me.

Way to God

Islam adrift

Before I came to God, I confessed Islam. I've never been a zealous, much less fanatical supporter of this faith. We can say that Islam is an inherited tradition for me, something taken for granted, but after many years, I must confess, it is not spiritually close. Therefore, the rejection of Islam was not associated with mental torment and betrayal of ideals for me.

My wife Sona and the path we have overcome together played a key role in becoming a Christian. 20 years ago, despite our strong wishes, we could not have children. At that time, I had a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars earned, as I thought on my own, considered myself one of the most successful people in Azerbaijan, close to President Ilham Aliyev and the highest leadership of the Republic. But at the same time, I was a loving husband and family man. And the inability to fulfill our cherished goal - to give birth to children - clouded our lives, with a painful feeling which affected our mental state. I was not left by a sense of injustice and a sense of imminent change.
The Secret Covenant of God and the Miracle of Birth
Soon I found out that my wife had started attending a Christian church and did it secretly from me, fearing a scandal. Subsequently, she said that she had given a covenant to God: if she could get pregnant, she would accept Christ and his doctrine. And soon there was an event that had to radically change our lives. We had our firstborn, who was called David the biblical name. I still didn't understand how to convince my wife that I had foreseen the threatening consequences to oppose her soft but inflexible conviction.
Thunderstorm is coming, but there's no shelter.
I learned about my wife's secret from anyone, but from my informal partner, Prosecutor General of the Republic, Zakir Garalov, who at the same time conveyed to me the attitude of President Aliyev's family with his explanations. Garalov said that sympathy for the Christian faith provokes collective indignation in the highest offices, of course. He demanded that I prohibit my wife from attending this "sect", but in fact the church. By the way, the church was going through difficult times then, like us. The authorities have been campaigning against her for a long time to force her to flee.
Trouble or happy occasion
I understood that the story of Sona’s fascination with Christianity would not go without consequences for me, that now my person is attracted by special attention to the country's leadership, envious and detractors. The attention that can cost a fortune and position, serve as a cause for a crushing attack on my business assets, will deprive me of the status of which I was so frankly proud.

And what did I do? Not only did I not convince my wife or, in the end, did not force her to give up Christian ideas, but also, to my surprise, began to provide material assistance to the parish. Well, I can only say that sometimes we do irrational, even inexplicable, things that seem crazy, and only after years do we know that only they were the only ones which were right. Deep in my soul, I sympathized with Sona’s fearless determination and guessed that Christianity attracted me with its wisdom, all-defeating goodness and unconditional love. All my way, I've shown that love is the only force capable of defeating evil.

My spiritual choice, albeit unconscious, changed my life for the first time, but not for the last time. As a result of the first raider seizure initiated, as I now know, by the family of President Aliyev and Zakir Garalov, I lost the construction and industrial corporation "Accord", my main brainchild, the largest construction company in Azerbaijan and was forced to go with my family to Switzerland.
Second zero
The faith that has always been in my soul, until now in the form of conscience, turned my biography over again and zeroed my biography after a few years of life and work in Moscow, where I went, driven by the desire to recreate the taken construction empire on Russian soil. This time, not Prosecutor Garalov, but the King of Commercial Real Estate Year Nisanov ($3.4 billion) with his associates took over the role of a high-ranking patron and frontman in matters with the authorities.

Of course, it's silly to do the same thing and hope for different results. But if then in Azerbaijan, I was just getting acquainted with God and his craft, then after several years of partnership with Nisanov, I came close to accepting Christ.

My soul opposed the way of life I led more than before: kickbacks and bribes for construction permits, blat and nepotism, schemes - in short, unrighteous wealth. The path I stood on under pressure from new "partners" and which despised deep in my soul humiliated my ambition, leaving bitter residue in my soul. Today I understand that it is no coincidence that I have been the target of capture raiders twice. Subconsciously, I wanted to lose what I had made. I'm not a naive fool or a clinical loser, otherwise I couldn't make such money.
The reason for their "misfortune"
In both cases, I attracted and let "unpleasants" into my life because I couldn't live like before. I lacked the courage to admit to myself that an honest life, without bribes and kickbacks, without wicked patrons is more precious to me than unrighteous wealth, lacked determination to give it up. And God helped me again. In outlining the nature of the devil, Goethe wrote:
"I am part of the power that always wants evil and does good forever."
With the hands of my enemies, God freed me from a burden that I could no longer bear, and to throw which I lacked strength for cowardice.

We always get what we really want, not what we think we want. I couldn't admit for a long time that a business involved in lies and theft, albeit alien, but with my condonation, makes me richer, but does not make me happier. But God is wiser than us, and if we do not oppose his craft, he gives us the opportunity to get out of tyranny and give up evil deeds.

It will sound strange, but I'm sincerely glad I don't have any more unfair billions. And if you don't believe it, ask their owners if they've brought them a lot of happiness. They won't answer. And if I had the opportunity to make this choice again now and a hundred times after, I would have chosen my family and my God, not gold.
"Leave your unrighteous ways!"
On July 3, 2020, after several years of resistance and struggle for the SDI Group holding selected by the people of God Nisanov, I called my wife and said that I was ready to accept Christ and wanted to be baptized. And soon I completed the sacrament of Baptism.

Since then, my life will never be the same again. I can no longer put up with lies, hypocrisy, theft and other sins that have prevented me from becoming my own among strangers, among the Garalovs and Nissanova. Believe me, you can't be a little dishonest and a little dishonest. Doubts will at best share my fate, they will be swallowed by true tyrants and self-lovers of this world, because they do not know the torment of conscience. Only true villains succeed on this path. And everyone who has a conscience (God in their soul), I advise not to play games with the Devil!