Nissanov God Semenovich

The "king" of commercial real estate in Moscow and the "champion" in friendship with the right people

the true owner of the Kievskaya Ploshchad business group, an asset with an annual profit of more than $ 1 billion (according to Forbes), a dollar billionaire ($ 3.4 billion ) and a resident (43rd place) of the 200 richest people in Russia according to Forbes; and Nisanov is also my former informal partner and patron, the main "fixer" in matters with corrupt officials of the Moscow region and at the same time the main customer and head of the raider takeover of the companies that belonged to me, united under the SDI Group brand.

Unlike many famous Azerbaijani entrepreneurs, Nisanov is not a Muslim, but a Jew. In addition, he is one of the informal leaders of the united national-religious clan of Mountain Jews - the Tats. For example, the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov and the current business partners of Nisanov: Zarakh Iliev and Ilgam Rahimov (according to one version) belong to the Tatas. Small Homeland of Nisanov and other Tats is a small enclave called Krasnaya Sloboda on the territory of mountainous Azerbaijan.

God Nisanov confessed to me that he has extremely extensive and close ties with oligarchs and senior officials close to President Putin, as well as direct access to President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Relations with the mighty of this world allowed him to build one of the most powerful companies in the commercial real estate market in Russia and an equally large-scale shadow economy tied to illegal cash circulation and smuggling, get a lot of government orders and contracts, freely pursue opponents and opponents and not pay taxes on activities their enterprises.

Nisanov essentially created in Moscow a kind of analogue of the Italian mafia in New York. He brought together relatives, close and distant members of a number of families, immigrants from their small homeland and, having corrupted high-level local officials, achieved incredible results in several business segments at once: in the construction and rent of commercial real estate, in the hotel, restaurant and sports and entertainment sector. in the field of wholesale and retail trade. And this is only the visible part of the "iceberg".

Among Nisanov's closest comrades and companions: Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin (uses Nisanov's private jet and swims with him in the pool), youthful friends of Vladimir Putin, entrepreneurs brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg (the Foodcity market is based on their former land), the mayor Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin (for 12% of the amount issues contracts, orders and permits), the governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov (for one-time and regular payments supplies land and approves projects), high-ranking generals from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and many others. In addition, Nisanov has no less ramified ties in the criminal world: with thieves in law Nadir Salifov or Lotu Guli and, possibly, Rovshan Dzhaniev (Lenkoransky) and many others. Both named, according to some sources, were victims of business disagreements with Nisanov, since they had an impact on Azerbaijani traders and prices for vegetables and fruits in the Mega-cluster Foodcity.

In 2019, the key companies belonging to the SDI Group were subjected to an unprecedented raider attack, and three construction sites and houses and facilities built on them in Moscow and the region came under the control of the raiders. The entire arsenal was used: the physical seizure of the company's offices, the fabrication of criminal cases against the owner, the creation of debts through arbitration claims, the sabotage of the owner's decisions, illegal withdrawal of funds from accounts, bribery and intimidation of senior employees.

The day before the forced flight from Russia, I was surrounded by armed guards of Nisanov, who demanded the immediate transfer of the main asset of SDI, the Vernadsky business center being built in the South-West of Moscow, as a gift to the son of the President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev. According to the laws of the criminal genre, this was an offer that could not be refused.

In August 2020, on the pages of the Internet version of the Snob magazine, I published the author's text “Moscow Markets of State Significance”, where I showed that the shadow economy in the markets of Food City, Gardener and Stolichny costs the state budget trillions of rubles in lost profits - unpaid taxes and payments.