The Zakharyaev brothers

Business partners and relatives of the God Nisanov, German is a son-in-law, and Isai is his brother

They stood in the first row of the ideological inspirers of the forcible weaning of the SDI Group, in the success of which they assured God Nisanov, since they planned to take over the management of a new promising direction of the Kievskaya Ploshchad business - housing construction. However, due to the inconsistency of the plans and the greed of the direct executors of the seizure of assets, the construction of three residential complexes, and at the same time the commercial prospects of the new business direction, were actually thwarted.

After the publication of the story of the seizure of the SDI Group, Isai Zakhariev in an interview with Lenta.ru claimed that there was no raider takeover of the company, and I fled abroad from criminal prosecution. In support of the accusations of fraud, Zakharyaev lied about alleged criminal cases against me in Russia and Azerbaijan. By that time, no criminal cases had been opened against me in Azerbaijan, and in Russia the only fabricated criminal case did not concern the economy at all. I was accused of beating, which, of course, did not exist, of the person who identified me a year after the incident. By coincidence, the case was opened by the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow for the Dorogomilovo district, the same police department that ignored repeated statements and calls about the illegal seizure of the SDI Group headquarters, and then, during the search, seized the primary documents necessary to counter the seizure.

Andrei Puchkov, who oversaw the work of the Dorogomilovsky police unit, Deputy Interior Minister Major General of Police Andrei Puchkov, dismissed in connection with the scandal surrounding the fabrication of a criminal case against Meduza journalist Ivan Golunov, was soon officially employed in the structures of Kievskaya Square, was appointed director of the Shchelkovsky transport complex , but in reality he headed the counterintelligence service in the empire of God Nisanov.