Zakir (Bekir oglu) Garalov

Former Prosecutor General of the Republic of Azerbaijan (until 2020).

For several years Garalov was my secret partner and the beneficiary of the construction and industrial corporation "Akkord", and then took it away. The formal reason was the closeness of our family to the Christian church. However, I soon realized that religion is just an excuse, and the root of all evil is the increased greed of my “friends” in power, unwillingness to be content with bribes and a share of the turnover, and the desire to get all the profits from business.

At first, Zakir Garalov was just one of a dozen donated officials who received from me apartments from the first houses to guarantee smooth work. Others were the president's cousin and acting minister of justice Fikrat Mammadov, minister of transport Ziya Mammadov, head of highways Javid Gurbanov. But over time, Garalov turned into the main mediator in my relations with the family of President Aliyev of Azerbaijan and corrupt officials of the Republic. For example, once every six months, together with Garalov's personal chauffeur, we transferred large deductions from business personally to Baylar Eyyubov, the president's chief of security. For three years (from 2007 to 2010), the president, his family and entourage received from me and the company "Akkord" about $ 107 million. From each profit, at least 20% I donated to the President through the Minister of Transport Ziya Mammedov and Chairman of JSC "AZD" Javid Gurbanov. The Minister of Transport himself received about 6%, and the Minister of Finance Samir Sharifov - about 2%. Another 2% in the form of houses, cars and just cash went to Javid Gurbanov and his deputies.

In 2008, Garalov arranged for me to be dragged out in kind for my wife attending a "sect", but in fact the Christian Church "Word of Life". Soon, Zakir Garalov, by right of partner, organized a large-scale financial audit in Accord, which lasted right up to 2010. Not finding violations, the auditors began to openly interfere with the work. The main fighter against corruption in Azerbaijan, Ilgar Abasov, began to attract funds from the International Bank for the "restoration" of a perfectly working production, a demonstration performance in front of Ilham Aliyev. Profitable factories began to incur losses. Accord's assets were $ 1 billion, and the company had a $ 1.7 billion order book.

In July 2010, right after my birthday, the attorney general called

me to myself and put an ultimatum: either I transfer a 51% stake in the Accord to the figureheads of Garalov and Iliev, or I will commit suicide in prison, where I will find myself very soon. In case of consent, I was promised monthly payments ($ 100 thousand) and annual bonuses (25% of the profit). Realizing that refusal is guaranteed to deprive me of my freedom and life, I agreed.

I retired in Accord and transferred a 51% stake in the company to him and the family of the President of Azerbaijan. The front person and the formal recipient was Ashraf Kamilov, the chairman of the supervisory board of ATA Holding and the founder of Synergy Group, he was supervised by the Minister of Taxes Fazil Mammadov. 24.5% went to the name of Darya Musallim oglu Veliyev - the face value and a relative of prosecutor Garalov, a shift worker from oil wells in the sea. The remaining 24.5% was left to me, promising to transfer one hundred thousand euros to my account every month, and at the end of the year to divide the profit.

Only after receiving my consent to the conditions put forward, I was allowed to leave Azerbaijan with my family. In August 2010 we went to live in Switzerland. For three months I received compensation, then they forgot about them. And my calls with demands, of course, did not lead to anything.