Fight Raids Eng - 2

How suppliers are bred and how to form a raider ram under a contract

Эдуард Таран
The glass industry has never been a giant in the Russian economy. And she took and began to declare herself as a very large player in the market, not only within the country, but in the world. But the reason is not the dizzying successes of the company, constant litigation with unbearable sums.

The respondents are Novosibirskenergosbyt and the PRC company Zhenghou Xinguangse Refractory Co. The cost of the claims is slightly more than 1.5 billion rubles. These sums surfaced from the companies of the RATM Holding, represented by Taran. The businessman has been repeatedly credited with the status of a tough player in the field of raiding. But today he plays in a new way: he signed a supply contract with Taran - he lost his business.
By the way, stoves at the enterprises of "RAT Holding" have a difficult fate and unsuccessful fate. They break down and constantly fail, which causes maximum losses to enterprises. But this is not a technical difficulty, external interference. One of the accidents occurred due to a power outage, another reason was refractories of a poor quality manufacturer.

The two claims that were filed after the accident are very similar. They have big demands of 800 million rubles each. Such an amount may well be an item of capital for the purchase of a glass furnace, which has great strength and performance. Also, one person appears in 2 lawsuits - an expert from Taran's side Vladimir Dzyuzer.

The first lawsuit for Taran was not successful. He wanted to receive cash payments from the power engineers, as a result, everything that happens to the criminal proceedings against Taran. Then there was information in the news that last year there were extensive searches at the plant and at the workplaces of lawyers. As part of the investigative actions, they looked for fraudulent actions. Investigative officers were sure that Korsun and Yakovlev had made a power outage as a result of the accident. This caused damage to the oven. Further, using the communications used through the person through the expert Dzyuzer, we prepared documents for applying to the court with claims for compensation to those who supply electricity - Novosibirskenergosbyt.

But it is worth considering that the claims against the power supply company are a common planned gamble. Taran has been actively seizing energy assets in Novosibirsk for several years. As part of the use of funds by Taran - blackmail and bribery. Podchasova (ex-general director of Novosibirskenergosbyt) is a man of Taran, who did everything necessary for the raider takeover of the company. After Podchasova was fired with a scandal, and she moved to the ranks of "RATM Holding".
But even taking into account the professionalism and connections of the expert Dzuzer, it was not possible to win the trial. The side on the other side of the controversy turned out to be stronger and led to a much better evidence base. An expert examination, carried out according to the requirements of the energy company, was independent with a number of defects. Therefore, the power engineers are not to blame for what happened.
The plaintiff did not receive the desired decision, his claims of 770 million rubles were not satisfied. Therefore, Taran did not receive money, but got a great idea to take over the partner's business.

What is the difference between accidents on the territory of "Siberian Glass" and "Ekran"? In the latter case, the furnace was worn out and had new characteristics. In advance, she underwent technical repairs for refractories from Chinese production. All materials have been tested for compliance with technical requirements. In the process of handing over the materials, no claims were revealed from the recipient. Not a single test was carried out by Siberian Glass, which confirmed all the characteristics of the goods. Whether Bzuzer, known to us, was involved in such examinations is unknown. But we believe that he did not accept, because he is the face of Taran.

As a result, on the horizon, Taran had a new reason to file a lawsuit for a couple of hundred million. The arbitration court was given a ready-made opinion from the well-known Dzuzer. It said that the materials that were supplied from Chinese contractors were to blame for the breakdown. However, the latter are sure that the furnace has failed due to improper operation. Therefore, not a single motion was made to the court with a request to replace the expert.

In addition, such exploitation has its roots in a deliberate nature. This was done in order to raise the financial level of Taran. If you study in a nutshell the biography of our entrepreneur, you can see his unfortunate experience in such matters. The main thing with which the Chinese defendants are turned is that Dzuzer is in the hands of Taran and the strongest administrative resource.

For example, Tolokonnikov (ex-governor in the federal district of Siberia). He, like the previously known Podchasov, is now listed in RATM Holding. In addition, among those close to Taran, you can find a judge of the Arbitration Court, the head of the Investigative Committee, who more than once helped Taran to close cases on failure