The new sharks of Russian capital are not thieves and authorities, not "red directors", not dubious dealers or officials from the 90s and not even nobles of the Tsarist court. The twists of the tenth and twentieths are a new type and class of people who have learned to combine the qualities of all these groups.

They skillfully bow to the rulers, oppress, intimidate and evade dependents, maneuver and negotiate with themselves like and equals. They are not business stars, but at the same time they are not giftless, good managers, communicators and personnel who build their business on connections with officials.

SDI Capture

They are increasing their huge capital, quietly stealing from strangers in the best gangster traditions. These people are a product of the era of "new Russian stability", which absorbed its spirit and rules. They build corruption bridges from the world of large business to the world of the highest Russian government, "friend" and share with whom they need, together manage assets, select strangers and remove unwanted ones.

This is a new phenomenon of Russian life, and, frankly speaking, a dangerous phenomenon. Doing business with them is like dancing on broken glass. But you can't do anything else, because they're everywhere now.

From Switzerland, where I emigrated and where I lived with my family after the raider capture of Accord, I came to Moscow to force Zakir Garalov and others to pay me the promised retreats, which they soon forgot about after my departure. Having made useful acquaintances in the influential Azerbaijani diaspora in Russia, I was under threat of public seizure of Accord, then it worked, quite soon I achieved a one-time compensation of $30 million from Garalov, which I immediately launched - a new construction business under the brand name SDI Group. However, he suffered the same fate as the first, because he was built on the same imperable foundation.
My partner is the king.
It so happened that I settled in the Radisson Hotel in the building of the Ukraine Hotel. The informal holding "Kiev Square", which owns this object, belongs to two partners, God Nisanov, nicknamed "king of Moscow’s real estate" and Zarakh Iliev with the easy hand of Forbes.

In addition to Radisson, they own a number of other large commercial facilities, such as the European Shopping Center (the headquarters of the group is located there), the markets "Sadovod", "Moscow" and "Food City", the sports complex "Olympic", the gastronomic quarter "Depo", the building "book" on Novy Arbat, IFC "Shchelkovsky" and a dozen other objects in the capital.

The total area of Kiev Square objects exceeds 10,000,000 square meters. In "Ukraine" I met my fellow countrymen several times and as a result I found myself in a common campaign with God Nisanov. We quickly noticed each other.
"Friendship Champion"
I knew who he was, but I didn't know who he really was. Like others, I only knew that Nisanov was a dollar billionaire with a fortune of about $3.4 billion, the owner of an extremely profitable asset: the annual income from Kiev Square exceeds $1 billion. I knew that Nisanov, unlike other Azerbaijanis, was not a Muslim, but a Jew. He is one of the informal leaders of the Tat clan, mountain Jews originally from Red Sloboda. This village in Azerbaijan is their enclave.

I also knew that Nisanov was a man with very great connections in the highest echelons of power, which he personally willingly admitted to me. For example, I knew that the third secret partner of Kiev Square was Ilgam Ragimov, a Baku professor and lawyer at the same time a former classmate and university friend of Vladimir Putin, with whom they still maintain relations. More information about Ragimov's ties with the President of Russia can be found in Alexei Navalny's investigation "Palace for Putin". Other unofficial partners of Nisanov's business were brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg (more in the investigation of the Year of Azerbaijan in Russia Project), in general, people who form the direct environment of the President of Russia. Nisanov argued that with their help he can solve almost any issue in Russia.

Needless to say, a businessman with so many real estate objects in Moscow could not help but establish strong ties with the city hall and Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, his deputy for housing and communal services Peter Biryukov, with the governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov. Nisanov also has connections with the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the capital's commander-in-chief. Nisanov's relative Oleg Yusupov and son of the Minister of Internal Affairs Alexander Kolokoltsev own the Il Forno restaurant chain. In addition, last year, Andrei Puchkov, former head of the Department of Internal Affairs for the western district of Moscow, dismissed due to the fabrication of the criminal case against journalist Medusa Ivan Golunov, formally became the director of the IFC Shchelkovsky, but in fact headed the counterintelligence service of God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev.

In short, Nisanov is a man who knows how to build very valuable connections and always be afloat. As journalists of the publication "Project" wrote in their investigation, quoting a high-ranking official: "Nisanov knows how to surround himself with "right people", he is a "champion" in friendship".
Our business
As a person well acquainted with the inside out of the construction business, I could not help but realize what prospects such a partnership would open up for me. What to hide, these prospects attracted me. In addition, I saw that despite the large capital and high ties, there are simply no specialists in housing construction in Kiev Square. I thought they wouldn't risk buying them in the market and would want to promote their own person. On the other hand, Nisanov saw my ambitions to turn the housing market upside down in the Moscow region. Of course, he also imagined what success my Accord had achieved in Azerbaijan. It all came together.

And I made a deal with my conscience again. Of course, I did not build illusions about the crystal honesty of our future enterprise and knew that behind the external success of Nisanov's business, of course, lies a banal bribery of huge scales. And it didn't hide for long. Quite soon Nisanov announced to me future terms and prices. Backs for permits to the Moscow City Hall - 12%, the so-called "Sobionn tax". By the way, I was pleasantly surprised, my Azerbaijani colleagues were much more selfish, taking about 30%. I remember Vladislav Yusupov and I went to another meeting with Peter Biryukov. Yusupov took my case with $100 thousand prepared cash, got into the car to the deputy mayor, and left it without a case. Just one episode. The construction permit in the region was estimated at a specific amount - $20 million, let's call it "Vorobyev's tax". The key to the bribe was my debt receipt and a 30% stake in the developer company, which until now went to Albert Imanilov's nominal value, and was returned to me upon payment of money.

Thus, from the merger of my fantasies about the new construction empire and corruption ties of the chief solver of commercial real estate in Russia, my second construction business, a development group known under the brand SDI Group, was born.

We tried our hand at the state order for repair and construction of roads and quite soon came to three serious projects. These were two modern economic class residential complexes "Pirogovskaya Riviera", in Mytishchinsky district of the Moscow region with a total area of more than half a million square meters, LLC "SZ "ComfortInvest" (SDI) and "Accord" became the developer and owner of the land plot. Smart Quarter", residential complex in Odintsovsky district of Moscow region, building area - more than 131,000 square meters. The contractor was Accord Spetsstroy LLC (SDI).
Apple of discord
But the third project- the VernadSky shopping and residential center - was of particular commercial interest. Over 48 thousand square meters of business class residential and commercial real estate in the prestigious western administrative district of Moscow. The customer of the project and the owner of the development site was the company "Ilion-Trade", controlled by the family of Zarakh Iliev. The sale of apartments and offices in VernadSky promised at least $200 profit. From this project, I owed a share of 70% of residential and 50% of commercial space, and the remaining 30% of residential and 50% of commercial space were to be allocated to God Nisanov and his relative Vladislav Yusupov. Now I think they're already planning to get rid of me. So, the shares and roles were distributed, bribes were distributed, and the construction went on.
"Riders" of Nisanov
It is always necessary to remember that a person with extensive capabilities to solve other people's problems actually has no less ability to create them. So, a few years and hundreds of millions of dollars later, relatives and close associates of the "real estate king" Vladislav Yusupov and his brother, Elman Bayramov, the Zakharyaev brothers and others began to convince him that the new business processes were debugged, my share in the project is redundant, and the role is secondary. In short, "Moor has done his job, the Moor can leave." And he agreed.

The day before leaving, in the corridor of his office in the shopping center "European" I had a meeting with God Nisanov and his armed fighters from the private security company "Vityaz". They surrounded me, and he demanded that my share in the VernadSky construction site be transferred to their possession under the pretext of giving Heydar Aliyev.
(junior), son of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. Again, the President's family "interfered" in the history of the theft of my property.
Armed raid on the SDI office
So, on January 24, 2019, several dozen strong young people in black uniform with chevrons of the Private Enterprise "Vityaz" broke into the headquarters of SDI Group on Kutuzovsky Avenue. They turned off the video surveillance system and banned all those in the room from using mobile communication. They were followed in the office by Vladislav Yusupov, a cousin of God. He demanded that all employees unconditionally obey him and Flera Teplinskaya, hand them flash drives and electronic bank keys.

The Dorogomilovo police did not respond to all our calls and statements. Only a few days later, they came and withdrew the company's documents from the office, which, by the way, made life a lot more difficult for us, not raiders.
Life after capture
What happened next is simply stealing.
Almost in the first days after the attack on the office, more than 300 million rubles were withdrawn from the developer companies of LLC "SZ "ComfortInvest" and LLC "Accord Specialstroy" by the hands of the "occupation" management, represented by Vladislav Yusupov and Flera Teplinskaya, according to a primitive fraudulent scheme. Everything was issued on paper as interest-free loans, despite the fact that the developer of shared construction is strictly prohibited from issuing such loans. The recipient of loans of JSC "ARPT" is the largest contractor for the improvement of the area near the shopping center "European" of the group "Kiev Square" God Nisanov. In addition, we have published a video in which Flera Teplinskaya takes out boxes of cash bills from the SDI office and brings them to the house of Elman Bayramov, owner of Mosazervinzavod, Nisanov's right hand.

In the conditions of complete inaction of the security forces, I chose the only way I can fight - public reproof of the SDI invaders. I told reporters about everything I knew to journalists TheBell,, Kommersant, Novaya Gazeta, Radio Liberty, Project and other Russian media. The scandal turned out to be huge. And other methods of fighting have begun to be used against me.
Forgetful patient
To my surprise, I suddenly began to be involved in a criminal case of intentional infliction of slight harm to health (Art. 115 of the Criminal Code of Russia), a man I have never seen in my life. The criminal case, in which I then began to take place, was initiated back in 2018 against "unidentified persons" on the fact of beating "for hooligan motives".

Forensic examination, which revealed a concussion in the victim, occurred a year later. And then, a year after the beating, he suddenly started identifying me as an attacker. The criminal case was initiated by employees of the same Department of Internal Affairs in the Dorogomilovsky district, subordinate to the new head of counterintelligence Nisanov, General Puchkov. You'll laugh, but as a result, I was put on the international wanted list