Ilgar Allazovich, a native of Armenia, opened his first business at the age of 17, almost immediately after leaving school.

An aspiring businessman, having neither experience nor appropriate education, by the age of 19 managed to earn his first million.

By 1993, he became interested in serious entrepreneurship. At that time, already a major supplier of building materials, Ilgar Hajiyev started looking for new opportunities for development.

My story

Becoming a developer

Ilgar Hajiyev, being a patriot, took risks and invested in a new sphere for himself - and did not lose, as he eventually became one of the most successful developers of his country. By investing in residential real estate, the businessman thus contributed to the development of the construction business of his state. Thanks to Ilgar Allazovich, many Azerbaijanis were able to buy comfortable housing at an affordable price.

Ilgar Hajiyev did not stop there and in 2005 established a construction and industrial investment corporation called Accord, in which by 2012 more than 7,000 jobs had been created, and the company's revenue increased to 0.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Fame and recognition

Ilgar Allazovich became so popular, and his activities were so interesting for the business community that entrepreneurs began to be constantly invited to participate in different conferences in order to share his experience with others.

By 2013, Accord-stroy was working in the construction sectors of such states as Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Turkey. The company's specialists not only produced building materials and built housing, but also built bridges, roads and road junctions.

At the same time, the career of an entrepreneur continued to develop. Thus, until 2017, he held the position of Executive Director of the All-Russian Congress of Azerbaijan.

The main achievements and objects of "Accord"

The company's management has always paid much attention to creating working conditions that are both safe and comfortable. Accord has been able and is able to achieve this through strict control of safety, compliance with the health code and the principles of environmental protection.

Another achievement of Ilgar Hajiyev is the creation of new standards in construction, the use of high technologies. Due to investments in the development of the corporation, it has become possible to have high quality of services provided and building materials produced along with a decrease in their cost.

Thanks to the introduction of modern Primavera P6 software, the speed of the process has significantly increased, which has also helped to improve the quality of services provided.

Ilgar Allazovich became the first developer in Azerbaijan to work in accordance with the standards of the International Project Management Association. "Accord" has an ISO 9001-2000 certificate, which confirms that the process of construction of facilities and building materials meet international requirements.

The corporation took part in such regional projects of the country as the creation of road communication in the directions Baku - Shamakha and East - West, the construction of the airport named after Aliyev, underground pedestrian crossings, highways, road complexes.

In 2012, the developer was awarded a high award - the Golden Prize "European Quality". In the same year, he won the category "Construction Company of the Year" of the international award called "Caspian Energy Integration Award".

Entering the construction market of the Russian Federation

It came in 2014. We're talking about the Moscow market and the region. The company's activities began there with the construction of roads - it constantly received tenders. Under the SDI Group brand, Ilgar Hajiyev’s Corporation was engaged in the construction of large residential complexes "Pirogov Riviera", "VernadSKY", "Accord. Smart quarter." In a relatively short time, the developer has rented out more than 700,000 "squares" of housing.


After reading the Bible, there was an awareness of faith in God. Ilgar Allazovich converted to Christianity, he and his family go to church: "Losing everything, he has gained the Lord."